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Who are CCSCollect?

Not to be confused with CCSG or CCCS, please refer to the About Us page for further details.

Does CCS purchase debt?

CCS are not debt purchasers; we work on behalf of a number of clients, including: HM Revenue & Customs,
Department for Work & Pensions and Student Loans Company.

Why won’t you speak to me without clearing identification checks first?

CCS is registered with the Information Commissioners Office for the purpose of data protection. It is important that our Customer Agent’s confirm that they are talking to the correct person, the account holder, before discussing the matter indepth.

I’d like to repay this amount but I would like to work out my budget first. Can CCS help me with this?

Please complete a copy of our affordability assessment, returning it to the above address. Alternatively, you can contact one of our Customer Agents who will be happy to help you complete the form over the phone. This can be found here.

What do I do if I’m seriously ill or suffering from mental health issues?

CCS do not wish to cause unnecessary stress to anyone, especially those suffering from illness or mental health issues. Please call us on 020 8665 4929 to let us know and we will act sensitively and sympathetically to your situation.

Alternatively, and only with your permission, we may be able to deal with a third party acting on your behalf. Please view our Independent Debt Help section

My account is being managed by a Debt Management Company; what do I do?

If your debt is being handled by a debt management company or debt counsellor, then please pass them a copy of our letter and we will be happy to work directly with them. CCS would also appreciate it if you could contact one of our Customer Agents, or write to our Correspondence department, to advise them of details so we can update your records.

I’d like to nominate a third party to act on my behalf. How do I do this?

If you would like to arrange for an individual, or an organisation, to be able to deal with us on your behalf, please provide us with a written letter of authority; this can be sent to: CCSCollect, 797 London Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey, CR7 6YY. Please provide us with your CCS reference number to help us with locating your account. Please be advised that authority given over the phone only lasts for 24 hours.

I want to clear my balance. How can I do this?

If you have received a letter from CCS, but have not spoken to us before, please call us on 020 8665 4929 to discuss your account in detail.

Existing customers can also contact us to arrange payment by calling the above number, e-mailing or by making a payment online using your CCS reference.

How do I set up a repayment plan?

CCS want to work with you to clear your debt in a manner which suits your own individual circumstances; if you are unable to settle your debt in full, at this time, and wish to create a repayment plan, you can do so by:

Alternatively, you can complete our affordability assessment and send it back to us. This can be found here

Is there a minimum payment amount?

The minimum payment amount CCS can accept is dependent upon your financial circumstances; however, we cannot accept any offers lower than £1.

What payment methods do you accept?

Please refer to How to Pay page for further details.

Is it safe to use my debit/credit card online?

Yes, CCS is fully compliant with PCIDSS regulations and have security measures in place to ensure customer security.

What happens if I don’t want to deal with CCS?

It is your creditor’s choice to pass your account over to CCS, as per your original contract with them and legal obligations; CCS aim to work really hard with all customers to get any issues resolved.

The balance on my letter isn’t correct; what should I do?

If you believe that the balance on account is incorrect, please call us on 020 8665 4929. If an error has been made, then we will assist you in resolving this.

What happens to my credit file?

CCS do not have permissions to update, or amend, your credit file. Please contact your creditor for further information.

Will I be on hold for a long time when I call you?

CCS aim to get all calls answered as soon as possible, but due to the influx of calls we receive, there are some instances in which you will be placed in a queue. If you are placed in a queue, please be advised that you can also pay via IVR.

I don’t want to discuss this matter on the telephone; what other communication options do I have?

You can e-mail CCS on or write to us at: CCSCollect, 797 London Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey, CR7 6YY.

How do I update my contact details?

To update your contact details, please call one of our Customer Agents on 020 8665 4929, who will be happy to assist you.

How are my personal details used by CCS?

All details on the process CCS follow in regards to customer personal details are stated in our Privacy Policy.

What happens to my account once I’ve repaid the full amount?

Once the full amount has been repaid, CCS will close your account and return it to your creditor/our client. No further action will be taken by us.

This isn’t my debt. What should I do?

Please contact one of our Customer Agents who will be able to investigate the matter and, hopefully, resolve the issue in the first instance.

The person you are trying to contact doesn’t live at this address. What should I do?

Please contact one of our Customer Agents who will be able to assist you in rectifying this situation.

How do I raise a complaint?

Please refer to our Complaints page for further information on raising a complaint.

How is CCS regulated?

Commercial Collection Services Ltd., t/a CCSCollect is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for accounts formed under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (amended 2006). CCSCollect is a founder member of The Credit Services Association (CSA) and adheres to the CSA's Code of Practice.

Does CCS hold any certifications/accreditations?

CCS hold many certifications/accreditations, all of which are referenced on the About Us page.